Services and Fees

Update: Principal of Trade is indefinitely ‘out of service.’ We’re involved in projects that make it impractical to provide the attention required for jobs. As such, we’ve decided to focus on these exclusively, at least for the time being.

We may consider jobs of particular interest, but these would be by special arrangement on a one-off basis. The fees mentioned below no longer apply.

Principle of Trade offers services on either a one-off, monthly or package basis.

  • One-off services are for a particular job—we work until it’s finished or you no longer need us
  • Monthly services are on a retainer basis. For a regular monthly fee, we guarantee we’ll be available to you for a specified number of hours each month
  • Package deals provide a set number of hours you can call on our services over a 12 month period

For businesses and groups, we could:

  1. provide new ideas to capture additional customers or members
  2. look into aspects of your operation or possibilities for expansion
  3. perform tasks that you need done eg writing copy, meeting with suppliers, creating websites

For individuals, we could:

  1. help you find your feet as a new vegan and place it in the context of other ideas
  2. get things done for you, or help you find services that can
  3. provide impartial thinking on how to deal with issues you face

These lists are only a guide. If they don’t cover something, feel free to ask us about it.

Our fees are as follows:

  • One-off services: $50 an hour.
  • Monthly services: 30% off: $35 an hour for a minimum of 2 hours a month for 6 months.
  • Package deals: 10 hour blocks of consulting time at $40 an hour.

Charges for products in addition to consulting—eg search engine optimisation, videos, websites—are on a negotiable basis depending on the complexity and level required.

Any travel and accommodation costs are also extra, although can be agreed beforehand.

Payment is due at the end of each week. No extended credit terms are offered.

GUARANTEE: We’ll achieve our agreed goal by the set date or work for free until we do.