Cheesy advantages

This post follows on from an earlier one, Exclusive vegan cheese offer.

  1. There’s no problem with supply or likelihood of a shortage.
  2. Common varieties contain appreciable levels of fibre, unlike many other cheeses.
  3. They can also have an appreciable level of protein, unlike many other cheeses.
  4. Most ingredients are ‘health foods,’ unlike those common in other cheeses.
  5. A range of colour options are available: from pale to deep yellow.
  6. A range of fat levels are also available, though higher levels are more like dairy cheese.
  7. It’s likely at least half the cost of cheese like Daiya.
  8. It’s not imported.
  9. It doesn’t rely on palm or coconut oil as central ingredients.
  10. There are a wide range of flavour options.

Because the cheese is considerably cheaper, you may find that rather than, for example, using it sparingly on pizzas, you can be liberal with the amount of cheese you use and still not get behind.

If you end up using the cheese, and are pleased with the results, we can also provide a number of nonstandard suggestions for further use.

These can variously: improve the protein level of the cheese, increase the fibre level, provide extra texture and add more levels of flavour and taste.

Providing these, however, is in addition to our main offer, though is low cost, equivalent to one hour of consulting time plus travel costs.

Further, you can decide whether what you’re shown is worth it. If you decide it’s not, we won’t charge you.

If you take a consulting package, this service can be included (for a one hour fee).

Using the cheese alone would set you apart from most other competitors, but this additional service would differentiate you even further (until others catch on).

Even so, there’s no obligation to take us up on this additional offer. If you want, you can just ‘have your cheese and eat it too!’