Exclusive vegan cheese offer

We’re offering vegan food businesses that make extensive use of cheese on pizzas, grilled sandwiches or similar, the access to a vegan cheese that:

  • is likely at least half the price you’re paying now
  • isn’t imported
  • doesn’t rely on using palm or coconut oil as a key ingredient
  • offers a wide range of flavour options.

Initially, this offer will be restricted to vegan businesses in the South East Queensland region (where we’re located), but will expand beyond that if there’s interest.

Cheese toastie

You will not find out about this cheese by contacting the usual distributors of vegan food. This offer is exclusive to us, and also provides you an exclusive opportunity to be the first in your city to use it.

We will only make details of this cheese available to a maximum of 1 client a city to provide an initial edge in the market.

We’ll come to your home or business and, in conjunction with you, demonstrate the use of the cheese eg by making cheese toast or a small pizza.

You may decide it can replace the use of your current cheese completely.

In other cases, you may find it’s not suitable for all applications, but nevertheless a useful replacement in others.

Cheese toastie 4

If you provide us details of how much your current cheese costs you we’ll also provide you a cost comparison.

There’s no obligation to use the cheese we’re offering, although to protect our commercial interests, we require you to sign a privacy agreement saying that you won’t disclose details related to our meeting.

Alternately, if you do take up our offer, we require that you don’t release details of the cheese to anyone outside your business.

We’ll be making presentations from 15 May on, so there’s plenty of time to plan and arrange a session.

That said, if you’re not the first in your city to get in, you’ll miss out, and only find out about the cheese possibly months later.

Our demonstration is completely free. If you like what you see and take up our offer, you’ll get access to the cheese at no charge.

Why are we doing this? Because we’re a new agency and would like to establish some connections and testimonials.

As such, if you take up our offer, we ask you to provide us with email testimonials we can use on this site.

If you’re interested, please use our Contact form in our top navigation menu to get in touch.

If you want more information on the advantages this cheese offers, please visit this page.